And the winner is...

First off, the closest guess to the number of preschool kids was Kandice with 118. The real total is 109. (Kandice had to email her entries, it wasn't letting her post on the blog.)

And the dvds go to...

Congrats Carlton!! :)

Final Hours!

2 hours left to the end of the contest! The winner will be announced around 2 pm tomorrow. Good luck!

Preschool Prep Giveaway!!

I am very excited to be able to giveaway a 4 pack of Preschool Prep DVDs! This is a sponsored giveaway but the opinion is entirely mine. I first found these dvds in a Scholastic order a year ago. We got "Meet the Sight Words" volume 1 and I had my then 2 1/2 year old start watching it. He LOVED it, and watched over and over. Within days he was pointing out the words it, play, said, and many others when he would see them on billboards, magazines, cereal boxes. A few months later we got the complete 7 dvd set and it has been so fun to watch him learn! He recognizes every alphabet letter and names its sounds. He already knew all the shapes and colors so we put those editions on in Spanish and now he knows them in Spanish and English. I already knew as a preschool teacher that kids learn through repetition and that's exactly what these dvds do. 

One thing that stood out to me with this series is that the letters or words that are being taught go back and forth between a cartoon and black text which means kids will recognize the word in regular text. I noticed with other products that had cartoon letters, when the kids saw the letters in their cartoon form they could name the letter, but when you showed them a black regular text of the letter, they did not recognize it. Preschool Prep has eliminated this problem by having the word or letter go back and forth between the cartoon and text with enough repetition that it is easily retained in memory. Preschool Prep has books and flashcards as well as virtual products and apps that greatly compliment their dvd products, and I am very excited that they have added new dvds that teach phonics. We will be ordering those asap!

I really love these dvds and asked if they would be willing to sponsor a giveaway and I was delighted to have them say yes! I am giving you a ton of options for entries so feel free to do one or do them all for the best chance to win! The Preschool Prep 4 pack includes Letters, Colors, Shapes, and Numbers, a $50 value and you can win it in any of the following ways:

1) If you have liked Bee Ready Preschool's Facebook page, leave me a comment here and you will receive one entry.

2) If you have a link to Bee Ready Preschool's website on your blog, leave me a comment here and you will receive one entry.

3) Guess how many preschoolers have attended Bee Ready Preschool since August of 2008. Leave your guess in the comments for one entry, the closest guess will receive three entries.

4) Write a recommendation on Bee Ready Preschool's Facebook page, leave me a comment here and you will receive one entry. 

5) Share a favorite activity to do with preschool aged children in the comments and receive one entry. 

6) Browse the Preschool Prep website and leave me a comment here about your impression of the products or which products intrigued you the most for one entry.

7) If you refer a friend to Bee Ready Preschool that enrolls for the 2011-2012 school year before August 10th, email me or message me on Facebook with your friend's name (don't post their name here.) You will receive ten entries for each enrolled referral. 

Rules: The contest will run from July 26th, 2011 until midnight on August 10th, 2011. At that time, all entries will be counted and a random draw will conclude the winner of the dvd 4-pack. You must have a separate comment for each type of entry (do not post one comment that says you have liked the Facebook page, put a link in your blog, and written a recommendation, they must all be a different comment so I can easily keep track.) The winner will be posted on this blog as well as emailed and the prize will be mailed or delivered within 48 hours. If the winner does not provide an address for the prize to be delivered with in 48 hours of the end of the contest, the prize will be rewarded to someone else, again by random draw. Your odds will be based on the number of entries you receive and the number of overall contestants. (There, does that sound official enough?) GOOD LUCK!! 

Fresh Start

I wiped the blog clean and gave it a fresh start for the upcoming school year. I won't be using it to post weekly emails as I had before but I will be using it to share ideas and thoughts, pictures, links to good resources and most importantly, for a really fun giveaway!